Suite Number Eight is a home decor brand, where each capsule collection allows you to check into vibrant locations/destinations/hotels through time. We have a Suite Number Eight at The Grand Budapest Hotel, El Fenn in Marrakech, By the Pool, at CAARA, and our signature Monograms to name a few.

These collections consist of gracious table and serve–ware, bold soft furnishings and playful decor accents. Our design ethos is centred around the idea that design must be an attentive service in itself. Every object that leaves our studio is highly functional but also charms, soothes and delights. We hope to make a mark on memories so that they are cherished and passed onto generations.



Our aesthetic reserves an illustrative quality, that makes the presence of the the artisan palpable and consideration of the detail, felt. A distinction beyond our approach is our joyful interplay of colour and whimsical patterns.

Each piece is individually kneaded, shaped, moulded, engraved, gilded and painted by the finest artisans in India, with the highest quality materials.

The brand is proudly made in craft clusters through India. Our process is entirely in–studio, of complete integration, from conceptualisation to creation. We rotate our small batches of production as the seasons change, creating modular and stackable items that can be build on collections and locations past. 

The brand is constantly looking to combine ceramics, glass, wood, brass and linen in exceptional ways that dress tables and homes spurring conversations and smiles.

passing the baton


Suite Number Eight is based on four homes. The first two, Bani's mother and father's ancestral properties, the studio of a handcrafted home accessories brand that Bani's father started. Fourth, and finally their shared home in New Delhi. Each of these iconic spaces had its own persona designed around the occupant, laying a charismatic mood–board that informed Bani's aesthetic.

This laid a foundation of understanding, that design should be around the idea of service, and that design must help create special moments for individuals and their families. As she made her way through university, Bani observed and experienced hotel culture that evolved her understanding of a conscious and responsive business that kept the consumer at the centre. After a year long experience with Elle Decor, where she wrote, styled and photographed stalwart design brands from India, she went on to pursue a degree from Shillington in New York.

This sequence gave structure for her to cement her professional learnings into what would become her intention to build Suite Number Eight.

Bani is not only the founder, but the head designer, who learned the world of craft through her family and tales of it. Her ancestors invested in design on a personal as well as professional level during the conservative times of pre–partition India. This was a grand precedent to grow up around, absorbing, imbibing and then attempting to contribute too. 

Through the brand she approaches design from seemingly intuitive perspective, that has filtered through generations, built on a strong foundation of colour, developments and treatments of craft that she grew up around. Bani lends freshness through the currency of pop–culture aesthetics from mood–boards and spaces that are distinctive not just because their current relevance but how they resonate with her and also culture in 2018.

Yet, the brand retains the benchmarks of hailing from a thriving export company that pursued consistent quality in large quantities and sustainable production.