Le Breakfast Table

Community is a family: that you build a family through experience. Suite No.8 is a way to make cherished moments, experiences and stories through products. Therefore we through service and design have an incomparable ability to make its  mark on the memories of these special and mundane moments. 

We invite you for Le Breakfast; in true SN8 style. 

We are setting the table for a family of four. It's Sunday and decadent-indulgent Breakfast is on our mind. The base for the table is set with this fine-white cotton table cloth. Ancestral silverware; charger plates and cutlery are laid out onto the table setting the second layer and as a base for the plates. Our signature Monogram plates are placed on the charger plates for each person to be seated on the table and 'Spring' is spelt out via petite 4 inch plates in the centre of the table served with hors d'oeuvre in the form or rose-pistachio chocolates, salmon capers and mini-quiches. 

Alongside tea, an assortment of pastries and croissants are served in our classic suite platter. Brie and Cheddar find their way on our Mehrab Marble and Petite Platter with a cloche (this is ideal for outdoor service) 

Our delightful cheese knives, cake knife and server are handmade from pure brass and stainless steel and match designs of any tableware; modern or classic. 

We try to achieve a balance of function and playfulness: Utilitarian, functional home decor items that are also playful / cheerful and inspire moments to smile.